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BWW Week 6: How To Care For The Pets In Your Gut


Sugar addiction isn’t just about willpower, it’s about hormones. It’s not you, it is what food is doing to you. Most of our patients are surprised to realize that it only takes about 3-7 days to end carb addictions if they follow our formula: Don’t skip breakfast, but don’t eat a carb heavy breakfast. Eat small amounts of protein and healthy fats with each meal. Add LOTS of nutrient dense … Continue reading “BWW Week 5: How to Conquer Carb Cravings”

BWW Week 4: Your Recipe and FAQ Answers Are Ready


Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to clean out your pantry and fill your kitchen with super nutritious food. If not, what are you waiting for? Also, we hope you understand now why you need to end your abusive relationship with sugar and processed food that is beating you up on the inside. The list of simple swaps I gave you last week should help you form new, healthier … Continue reading “BWW Week 3: Brain Warrior Takeoff Tips & Daily Food Examples”

BWW Week 2: Forming Healthy Food Relationships


Food fuels success or it drives failure. Once you commit to being a Brain Warrior you will begin feeling and looking dramatically better immediately. Your energy level, mood and focus will soar while your weight and your risk factors for a variety of diseases will begin a dramatic decline. However, this is not a two-week program. It is a program for you to do for the rest of your life. … Continue reading “BWW Week 1: Quick Start Sustenance Guide”

Join Our Brain Warrior Live Course and Get Your Black Belt in Health

The people in your tribe are contagious. Therefore, be conscious about with whom you spend your time. I think of time like currency, and people like an investment. Frankly, most of my friends and colleagues are smarter, more successful, more graceful, more generous, and make a bigger difference for the health of your brain and body. This doesn’t make me jealous; it inspires me to be better! Be happy if … Continue reading “The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 3”