How to Help Your Child with ADHD Feel Less Anxious


New classmates, new teachers, new classes—going back to school can be nerve-wracking enough for kids and adults alike, even when everything is running as smoothly as possible. But throw mental health concerns, such as ADD/ADHD or anxiety, into the mix, and returning to school can be even more stressful than usual. And what if you […]

Neurofeedback Treatment: Stop Suffering

Neurofeedback treatment can be used to improve the symptoms of ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Concussion, Depression, Epilepsy, Headaches, Memory Loss, PTSD, Sleep Problems, and TBI. Neurofeedback treatment doesn’t involve surgery or medication and isn’t painful or embarrassing. Dr Jay Gattis explains how neurofeedback is a fun, engaging and interactive treatment that helps […]