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The Brain Warrior’s Way

The Brain Warrior’s Way is a unique and powerful 6-month program and the only one of its kind to improve the health of your brain and body. It is grounded in scientific research and designed to help you live with vitality, a clear mind and excellent health – even if you are struggling or are in pain right now—and even if you’ve made unhealthy choices for many years. This program will help you turn your health around so you can wake up feeling good inside and out every day.

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BWW Podcast

The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast

In The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast the Amens deliver a powerful message that will assist you in mastering your mind, body and spirit. This podcast can guide and ignite your innate ability to step back into a path of health and well-being with the transformational tools, wisdom and experiences provided. Each episode provides a state-of-the-art plan to win the war on optimal brain health and function. It is easy to listen, simple to implement, and with groundbreaking material that will help you to turn back the clock on aging.

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Amen University

Amen University was founded in 2015 to teach children, teens, and adults all over the world about practical neuroscience. It is based on the work of Daniel G. Amen, MD, Tana Amen and the staff at Amen Clinics. The core courses teach the Amen Clinics Method, which have been used to help tens of thousands of patients from 111 countries.

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Brain Fit Life

Our step by step program will guide you to a BRAIN FIT LIFE. A happier, healthier life. We will provide you with brain games, stress reducers, meal plans, relaxation techniques, and more all targeted to your brain’s specific needs. Join the Brain Fit Life program and optimize your memory, energy and focus.

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