Give Mom a Priceless Gift!

Have you been shopping yet for a Mother’s Day gift? What are you thinking about? A new sweater, a piece of jewelry, a big bouquet of flowers or a traditional box of chocolates?

What about a gift that would really make a difference in her life? You could give her an experience that can help her address the problems so many women share, regardless of age. Is your mother (or wife) worried about her weight? Her memory? Her energy? Her ability to focus? Has she been depressed? Anxious? Tired? Does she complain of brain fog? Migraines? Chronic pain? Why on earth would you give her lousy food and candy that will make her feel worse? There is a way to transform her health!

My husband, Dr. Daniel Amen and I are going to address all those issues and more in our three day event, “Brain and Body Turnaround” June 20 to 22 in Costa Mesa, CA. We will show you how to optimize your brain and:

  • supercharge your memory and brain power
  • master your mood
  • achieve and maintain optimal weight
  • effectively treat chronic pain
  • improve your focus and energy
  • transform troubled relationships
  • reverse chronic illness
  • break the bondage of food addiction
  • create a legacy of health for your family

We know from past experience that the Brain and Body Turnaround can be life altering. These can be the two days that change your mother’s life – and potentially, those of your entire family – for the better. I’ve seen it happen. Alicia is only one example of thousands!
I’ll be there, as will my brain doctor husband plus some other nationally known experts who have amazing presentations lined up. You won’t want to miss the special video appearance of New York Times best-selling author Mark Hyman, M.D. Dr. Hyman believes that we all deserve a life of vitality—and that we all have the potential to create it for ourselves with the right tools. Don’t you want to know how to get there?

We’ll also be hearing from Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a Harvard trained physician. His book, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation (Bantam, 2010), offers an in-depth exploration of the power of the mind to integrate the brain and promote well being. His latest New York Times bestseller Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, explores how brain development impacts teenagers’ behavior and relationships.

Also on the speaker’s agenda are these experts who inspire thousands of people with their passion for healing through nutrition, exercise and lasting weight loss.

  • Jenny Ross, owner and executive chef of the living-foods restaurants, will be doing a “cooking” demonstration.
  • Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, (aka “The Rogue Nutritionist”) will bust through the “Great Cholesterol Myth”. 
  • John Tagge has transformed thousands of people’s lives through his inspirational techniques in Heart Rate Training and high intensity EPOC (Afterburn) weight loss.

The nutrition and functional medicine team from the Amen Clinic will also be on hand to answer questions and help you personalize your health program.
Send mom to us for the weekend of June 20 to 22. We will help her create the lasting transformation she deserves. You can come, too. The gift of health is priceless!

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