Eating for 2: What Expecting Mothers Need to Know

Love, marriage, and a baby carriage. Ahhh, there’s nothing like it.

For the baby’s brain development during pregnancy, some mothers will talk to their baby in a gentle and loving manner. Some mothers will place headphones on their belly while classical music is playing. Some mothers will practice Yoga to reduce stress and keep the baby calm, which affects brain development and nervous system development.

But the big momma of them all when it comes to your baby’s brain development is what YOU eat. You’ve heard the saying: “You’re eating for two.” Here’s another saying for you: “What you eat is what your baby eats.”

That unhealthy sandwich you had the other day? Yup, your baby ate it too. That cup of coffee you had earlier? You shared a cup of it with your baby.

Your body may be able to handle all the wrong foods, which you shouldn’t be eating anyway, but what about your baby’s fragile and developing body?

In this episode of Ask Tana, Eileen Conway asks: “I’d love to learn more about good foods for baby brain and health during pregnancy. I’m 24 weeks along with twins, and I’d like to incorporate more foods that will help increase healthy brain development in utero.”

I love this question.

The first important thing about taking care of your baby’s brain is to take care of mommy’s brain. I wish I had known about preconception specialist a year before I got pregnant.

It’s always a good idea to get your body in shape early to optimize the health of the baby but if you’re starting out now, good for you.

Again, the Omni Diet is optimal for your brain, which is great for the baby’s brain.

  1. Eat a lot of vegetables and a little fruit.
  2. Get small amounts of high quality protein throughout the day.
  3. Eliminate all processed foods.
  4. Avoid gluten, which is potentially toxic, and all other potentially toxic foods that can increase the baby’s risk of allergies.

There is more on this in my book, The Omni Diet.

If you eat plenty of dark leafy greens, high quality protein like wild salmon or bison, organic eggs for omega-3 fatty acids, they will boost your brainpower, thus boosting your baby’s brainpower.

One last thing…

Remember to get your child started on a healthy diet as soon as he or she is able to eat solids, because exposure equals preference.

In other words: The sooner you can expose them that (“YUCK, MOMMY!”) asparagus, the sooner they will prefer it.

Thank you for the question, Eileen!

Remember, girls, what you eat is what your baby eats.

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