Change Your Life In A Powerful Way

I wanted to take a minute or two to reflect with you all about the journey we have been on together, and how we arrived at leading a movement of Brain Health Warriors.

For me, after practicing and learning to love martial arts, being a warrior is symbolic of overcoming. Warriors don’t have an easy path, but neither do we. They had to overcome great obstacles, and the skills they learned in the face of those challenges later became their greatest strengths.

Each time a warrior overcomes an obstacle, the challenge has shaped his or her path for the better. For me, I had to learn the warrior’s mindset at a very young age in order to overcome my obstacles.

For Daniel, the warrior’s mindset wasn’t entirely natural at first. But, after seeing patient after patient struggle to find their way, he learned that the warrior’s mindset is not just an option to overcome the challenges in his life, it was a necessity.

So, when we decided to sit down together and write The Brain Warrior’s Way and The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook, we wanted to give our readers all the instructions they needed to learn and adopt a warrior’s mindset. We didn’t want to devise some sort of fad program to help you just lose weight before summer; we wanted to help our readers feel happier and healthier for the rest of their lives.

But like our daughter says, “if it’s not simple, I’m not doing it.” So, when we wrote The Brain Warrior’s Way, we made it just that: a simple manual to help you live a happy, brain healthy life.

The Brain Warrior’s Way, combines the best work from both of our careers. We included the very best of Daniel’s brain work, updated with all of the new information we and the psychological community have discovered to determine a strategy to help your brain be the best it can be.

And I included the best nutrition, exercise, and health strategies for your brain, because what is good for your brain is good for your body. We haven’t changed our philosophy, our philosophy has evolved, much as the science of health has since my last book The Omni Diet, and we wanted to share all of these new and exciting discoveries with you.

We warriors have to stick together!

Go to your local library and ask for a copy of The Brain Warrior’s Way and The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook. The cookbook contains over 100 brain healthy recipes! Or you can purchase them if you follow the links in this blog. Use coupon code TANA21 to get 21% OFF at checkout.


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