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If I Were Going to Survive, I’d Have to Rely on Myself

tea bed dress

…And then, as if my extreme fears of losing Mom had manifested, I learned that Mom had nearly died…. For the first time ever my mother looked fragile, a word I never would have used to describe her prior to that time.  I’d always thought Mom was superhuman. Larger than life. My days and nights…

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It’s Easy To Say Someone’s Bad, It’s Harder To Ask Why

My father was dying—or at least that’s what my sisters were telling me. I was now 37 and I had only spoken to him a few times over the past several years… “He’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. But Dad thinks he’s dying.” … I didn’t cry as my sisters delivered the news. I didn’t…

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Where Your Anxiety Really Comes From

My grandmother adored me, but we were never particularly close, in part because she had lived through intense trauma during her childhood in Lebanon (considered Greater Syria then). As a small child during World War I, she had watched the Ottoman Empire, which ruled her country, destroy more than half the forests for fuel, create…

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The Secret To Overcoming Trauma And Addiction

Michael Ruder was living a great life until Christmas Day 2009. That’s when he entered the jewelry shop he ran with his uncle only to find a trail of deep red blood seeped into the blue carpet that led to a heart-stopping scene. His uncle, who was also his best friend, was lying face down…

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10 Ways To Recover From Grief And Loss

In 2003, Sandra Maddox got the knock at the door that no parent wants. A police officer informed her that her only child Tiffany—a vibrant 24-year-old who loved to dance and write—had been killed in a car accident. In an instant, Sandra’s life was turned upside down and forever changed. You may wonder how you…

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Overcome Social Anxiety Like A Ninja

Do you feel nervous and awkward in social situations? Do you get tongue-tied when you meet new people? Do you avoid going places where you’ll have to make conversation with people? You’re not alone. An estimated 7.1% of U.S. adults and 9.1% of adolescents have what’s called social anxiety. Also known as social phobia, this…

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How Bias Starts In The Brain…And 5 Ways To Stop It

With so much social unrest these days, people on all sides of the political spectrum are blaming each other for being prejudiced, biased, or racist. I even got blamed for not taking a stance after the killing of George Floyd sparked worldwide protests. I make it a point not to get political because my main…

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When Father’s Day Is Painful

Father’s Day is generally a day when kids of all ages show their gratitude for dad. But what if you can’t celebrate your dad? What if you haven’t been close? What if he abandoned your family? Or what if he has already passed? It can make you feel sad and alone. But it doesn’t have…

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Brain Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Want to know my favorite Mother’s Day gift of all time? It wasn’t a necklace or a cashmere sweater. And it definitely wasn’t a box of candy—why would you ever give someone you love something that would make them sick and give them brain fog? No, my favorite gift was a song my daughter Chloe…

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Eat These 5 Foods To Improve Your Love Life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – the perfect time to improve intimacy. A healthy love life has been linked to better overall well-being, including numerous cognitive benefits. My husband, Dr. Daniel Amen, wrote the book on it, literally! It’s called The Brain in Love*. If your passion is lagging, it’s time to find…

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