Brain Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Want to know my favorite Mother’s Day gift of all time? It wasn’t a necklace or a cashmere sweater. And it definitely wasn’t a box of candy—why would you ever give someone you love something that would make them sick and give them brain fog?

No, my favorite gift was a song my daughter Chloe wrote for me. Most of you know that I’m usually a kick-butt Warrior on a mission to spread the word about better brain health. But just knowing that she had taken precious time out of her day to think about me and put her feelings about our relationship into beautiful lyrics and music really moved me on a deep level. I was so touched.

As you’re thinking about what to get to show your mom (or mother-in-law, sister, adult daughter, or any of the other important women in your life) that you care, take a cue from Chloe and make it personal. Even better, make it something that will boost her brain health. After all, what shows someone you love them more than helping them take care of the most important organ in their body?

4 Brain-Boosting Gifts for Mom

It’s easy to find a way to celebrate Mom in brain healthy ways. Here are some simple things you can do this Mother’s Day:

  • Plan a day trip to go somewhere neither of you have been before once the quarantine has lifted (doing something new helps spark neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells)
  • Take a yoga, kickboxing, or indoor cycling class together (exercise can boost blood flow to the brain) – virtually if necessary.
  • Plan on going to a conference together, even online can be fun (new learning is good for your brain)
  • Make a brain-healthy meal and share it with her (food is like medicine for your brain—you can find recipes on my website or in the Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook)

Strengthen the Mother-Child Bond

Expressing your gratitude for the special bond you share by spending time with her on this holiday will do so much for your relationship.

Remember, our social circle is very important to our overall brain health. Spending time with the people you love strengthens the brain.

For those of you who don’t get along with your mother, this may be a time to consider reconnecting. If that isn’t an option or if your mom has passed away, think of the other important women in your life and reach out to let them know what they mean to you.

I’d love to know how all of you Warriors are celebrating with mom this year. Please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page or Instagram page. And don’t forget to enter the promo code TANA21 to get 21% off in the BrainMD store, where you can find more unique brain healthy gifts for mom.


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