What Exchange Rate Are Your Calories Yielding?

Think of calories like money. Every bite is a caloric deposit. Dollars, Pesos, Euros…

The deposits you make have different exchange rates. Some will yield better energy, focus, and overall improved health.

As we begin to transition from the winter season those end-of-the-winter goals, big hopes, running shoes, and fad diets begin to emerge.

Fad diets? Please! It’s more like bad diets!

What else can you call a diet that messes up your thyroid, your hormones, and has you gaining back the lost weight, and a little bit more to spare?

Fad diets are commercial diets. And many commercial diets usually have prepared dinners that are heavily processed, along with sugar so you keep buying their band name. They know you’ll be on a diet again, so they want you to remember their name because of how good their dinners taste.

Losing weight with commercial diets has been consistently popular amongst many people wanting to drop those “Old Man Winter” calories. Among these are low-calorie diets, juice fasts, soup-only diets, etc. Many of us are also familiar with advertisements for such diets promising to lose “x” amount of pounds in “x” amount of days.

Besides their “money-back guaranteed” offer, these fad diets all have something else in common: they are deprivation diets. They all focus on taking something away. Whether it’s “no fats for a month” or “1,000 calories a day” these diets are designed so that a person can sustain this type of eating for a short time, but afterwards their bodies will need much more food to compensate for the loss.

Your body isn’t stupid. If you treat it as such, it’s going to let you know.

Let’s say you want to lose those extra 15 pounds. A commercial diet that guarantees you’ll lose those 15 pounds in a month may sound enticing because, after all, at the end of the month you’ll be 15 pounds lighter.


But what usually happens is that shortly thereafter, you’ll regain those 15 pounds, plus a few more pounds.


This is the truth behind fad bad diets.

If that wasn’t bad enough, these fad diets increase inflammation and insulin, which, in turn, really does a number on your thyroid and hormones. Many of you have already found that out the hard way.

As long as your blood sugar is high, your body will not burn as much fat. Your body will be burning sugars and carbs instead because those get burned before the fat.

This is why those old carb diets never worked. The feel-good carbs may have satisfied the dieters, but the dieters did not burn that much fat.


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