Surviving The Wake Of Suicide

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Surviving The Wake Of Suicide

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Unfortunately, suicide is becoming an epidemic in our modern society and it’s important for those suffering dark thoughts to know there’s always hope. Depression is a treatable condition. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and never the answer. If you know of someone who’s depressed please support them in getting the help they need.

If you’re suffering from the actions of a loved one and are now facing the trauma of being left behind, please consider getting the support you need.

Check out my interview with Deb, who I mention in my video above. Deb is our EMDR expert, and has seen countless lives changed:

What is EMDR? with Dr Deb Silveria PhD

Visit to find an EMDR therapist near you, or call Amen Clinics for an appointment with Dr Deb Silveria on 1-844-818-0616.

Always call 911 if someone is threatening to kill or harm themselves.

For non-urgent assistance please call Amen Clinics on 1-844-818-0616.

Suicide: The Ones Who Are Left Behind Listen now on The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast.

This is the podcast Dr Amen and I recorded on suicide, which you might find helpful. And for even more podcasts on this topic, click here.

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