Stretching 101: How To Boost Your Energy At Work With A Few Easy Moves

You always hear people talking about how important stretching is to your muscles and overall heath. But why is it important to be flexible? And what are the benefits of stretching?

If you find yourself sitting at a desk or computer all day like most Americans, it is absolutely essential that you make stretching a part of your daily routine. As someone who practices martial arts and has scoliosis, I have found that stretching not only improves my focus and athletic performance but it reduces my back pain dramatically.

The benefits of stretching include improved joint range of motion, better athletic performance, reduced risk of exercise-related injury, increased blood flow to your muscles and aid in the protection of brain health.

When it comes to the importance of overall muscle health, nothing is as important as stretching. I recommend taking five minutes out of your busy day to stretch using an office chair. If you do this for a week, you will notice improvements in the way your body feels. 

5 Stretching Tips:

  1. Deep Breathing Is Essential – Make sure your deep breathing happens and is coming from your belly. Know that deep breaths equal better oxygenation of your blood.
  2. Target Your Major Muscle Groups – Make sure your stretching includes your neck, shoulders, quads, hips and etc.
  3. Hold Your Stretch – Always aim to hold your stretch for a count of eight seconds.
  4. Listen To Your Body – You can expect to feel some tension while you’re stretching but if you feel pain, you have pushed too far. It is okay to back off and find the place where you are pain free. Make sure to hold your stretch in that spot and breathe.
  5. Make It A Daily Habit – The greatest obstacle most find is not being able to regularly commit to stretching or exercise. You will achieve the most benefits by stretching regularly and making it a habit in your routine.

So try your best to take five minutes out of your day to stretch and move your body because Brain Warriors* need to move! Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable in their skin, experience more productivity and have a better day at the office?

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