Four Heart-Smart Habits That Can Add Years to Your Life

Practicing four simple, often enjoyable, everyday habits could dramatically increase your lifespan by helping stave off heart disease and other dangerous disorders, a new study published in American Journal of Epidemiology suggests. In fact, people who practiced all four of the habits trimmed their risk for early death by an astonishing 80 percent. Researchers from Johns Hopkins also reported that these habits were particularly effective at preventing coronary heart disease, … Continue reading “Four Heart-Smart Habits That Can Add Years to Your Life”

Are Avocados the World’s Most Perfect Food?

Did you know that the avocado has been dubbed “the world’s most perfect food,” due to its astonishing bounty of health benefits? Also known as the alligator pear, It provides nearly 20 essential nutrients that support heart health, quell inflammation, improve blood sugar levels, and may even help ward off cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, even though the delectable green fruit is high in fat (the healthy kind), a … Continue reading “Are Avocados the World’s Most Perfect Food?”

Study: Dads Are Prone to Food Policing

Up to 66 percent of parents demand that their teenagers clean their plate–even if their kids are overweight or obese, according to a new study published in Pediatrics. The researchers also found that it’s extremely common for parents to try to control how much their kids eat, with some parents pressuring adolescents to eat more and others pressuring them to eat less. Both patterns can adversely affect kids’ weight, the … Continue reading “Study: Dads Are Prone to Food Policing”

Four Fabulous Health Perks of Fatherhood

Dads have a lot to celebrate on Father’s Day. And as they open their presents this year, they may also want to thank their kids for some marvelous health benefits. According to the latest research, fatherhood helps men lead longer and healthier lives. Here are four wonderful ways that being a dad can boost physical and emotional well-being. Fatherhood literally does a man’s heart good. Dads are 17 percent likely … Continue reading “Four Fabulous Health Perks of Fatherhood”

Does Exercise Make Us Eat More?

In my Omni Diet classes, I’m often asked how to maintain the right balance between eating enough to fuel workouts without overdoing it afterwards. While most people assume that hunger pangs after exercise are sparked solely by the need to replenish calories that have been torched, intriguing new research suggests that the brain’s food-reward center and how fit you are can both play a key role in whether working out … Continue reading “Does Exercise Make Us Eat More?”

Four Fitness Myths–Busted

Not only does including strength training in your exercise routine rev up metabolism and torch calories, but it does wonderful things for your figure. While getting healthier is the goal, looking younger and sexier are beautiful benefits. However, there are misconceptions about muscles, strength training and the best ways to get fit. Some people refuse to strength train because they think if they build muscle, they’ll look fat! In fact, … Continue reading “Four Fitness Myths–Busted”

Join the OMNI Health Revolution!


Airing on public television stations nationwide, Tana and Daniel G. Amen, MD invite viewers to join the “OMNI Health Revolution,” based on Tana’s New York Times best-selling book “THE OMNI DIET,” which has been endorsed by Dr. Oz and other medical experts.

Click here for local listings to find the air date and time in your area. Plan now to watch this lively, informational and entertaining one-hour show that helps raise financial donations for public TV while offering a new program to take control of your physical and mental health. The show features a playful discussion between Tana, and her husband Dr. Amen, a world-renowned psychiatrist and brain health expert.

About the Show

People wrestling with their weight, diseases or other ailments may find healing through the new program by Tana Amen, B.S.N., R.N. who shares from personal experience how she discovered health through her concept now called THE OMNI DIET: The Revolutionary 70% Plant + 30% Protein Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, Fight Inflammation, and Change Your Life Forever.

In this program, learn how to create a revolution in your health and the health of those you love, including:

  • Learn the exciting new science of nutragenomics and how to use food as medicine
  • Learn the 3 phases of The Omni Diet, including foods to choose and foods to lose
  • Learn how to mimic calorie restriction with 5 simple steps
  • Watch great stories that illustrate the power of The Omni Diet to reverse illness and get and stay healthy
  • Learn how to do The Omni Diet on a budget and when you travel
  • In the Question and Answer section you’ll learn how to get children involved, how to get and stay motivated, and how to get others onboard the OMNI Health Revolution!

By the time she reached her mid-30s, Tana had faced a lifetime of chronic medical ailments, including severe digestive issues, recurrent infections and, most devastatingly, a battle with thyroid cancer.

But Tana restored her health following principles of THE OMNI DIET, which is the culmination of a decade-long quest to identify a diet to end all diets—one that could provide true health through an abundance of food and flavor, not deprivation. Based on her study of the relationship between food and her body, Tana crafted a plan that balances calorie-burning protein and illness-fighting, plant-based foods, which impacts weight loss, and holds the key to reversing chronic disease, healing the body and dramatically improving quality of life.

THE OMNI DIET charts an easy-to-follow, science-based “omnivore” plan that uses a new 70:30 plant-to-protein ratio which has captured endorsements from several medical experts.

“THE OMNI DIET cuts through the confusion about what to eat and gives America a roadmap to good food and health all at once. It may seem too good to be true, but following this approach will not only enhance and extend your life – it will reverse many chronic diseases.”
Mark Hyman, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“The Omni Diet is a thoughtful practical approach to eating. Discover delicious, wholesome food that benefits your health for good.”
Mehmet Oz, MD, heart surgeon and host of The Dr. Oz Show

Broken down into three, two-week phases, the concepts and recipes Tana introduces in the OMNI Health Revolution are accessible and immediately effective, whether the goal is to lose weight, reduce risk of heart disease, fight diabetes or all of the above.

Now Tana, and her award-winning husband Daniel, invite the nation to join the “OMNI Health Revolution” and start a movement in your local community.

Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids

Remember how great it felt to gulp down a cold, flavorful drink after playing outdoors or riding your bike on a hot, summer day when you were a kid? Now you can create equally delectable memories for your children with tasty thirst-quenchers that offer a healthy alternative to sugar-and chemical-laden soda and drink mixes. These wholesome summer sips with kid appeal are all family favorites in the Amen household–and add … Continue reading “Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids”