If This Is FAILURE, Count Me In!

Shari’s Journey

Shari once attended our live three day event called The Brain Body Turnaround. She needed to lose 200 pounds and started the program along with the rest of her family: her husband Chuck, her daughter and son who live at home and two grown sons about to be married. When Shari initiated the program, she got resistance from many of her family members, especially her husband, Chuck. Chuck was in pretty bad shape. He was an insulin dependent diabetic who until then had refused to consider undertaking a health program.

I next heard from Shari four months later. She felt she had “failed” the program because she had lost only 29 pounds, while Chuck had lost a lot more. Chuck finally bought in, and was doing great! I had to laugh. Twenty-nine pounds! She was doing great, but I wrote back right away to tell her that one of the great unfair facts of life is that men lose weight faster than women, at least at first. This is because men have more lean muscle tissue than women, which burns calories faster than body fat, even at rest (some new research suggests that over time the losses even out). But the BIG win was that she got her entire family involved, and they were now competing to be healthy!

I heard from Shari again two months later. She sent me Easter greetings and said she wouldn’t be able to attend our upcoming Webinar because – WAIT-FOT-IT – she has registered for her first ever 5k race that weekend and wouldn’t miss it! She was down 51 pounds (wow!) and said that she now exercises “because I really enjoy it. Never thought I’d say that.  I rarely have to think about my diet because it is just so normal for me to make good choices now.  Easter candy didn’t even make my radar this year, and it certainly didn’t end up in my shopping cart for the kids.”
She’s a Rockstar!

A Family That Is In It To Win It

I didn’t know whether to be more thrilled at Shari’s progress or Chuck’s. Chuck at that point had lost 40 pounds (this is a guy who at one time wouldn’t consider a health program) and best of all he no longer needs to take insulin for his diabetes. And he’s had a major attitude adjustment. He told Shari recently that he is “no longer in this just for the weight loss. I am totally committed because I feel great!”

As for the rest of her family, her daughter makes fruit salad for snacks now – no whipped cream, just chopped fruits and nuts. “She cracks me up,” wrote Shari because she was my ‘snack attack’ junk food girl a few months ago. She has slimmed and toned and has more energy, focus and stamina and is having her best softball season yet.”

Son Josh “is slimming down now and signed up for basketball again this spring because he wanted to, not because we pushed for it. He is choosing to go for walks with us and ride his scooter instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer  (He still likes those activities, but there is much more balance now.)  Just incredible!”

Shari wrote that her two older sons “are both making healthier choices in their daily lives and even as we were going over wedding menus it was fun to see them changing up some of their original ideas.  My oldest, Sam, is exercising regularly now and doing the morning smoothies.  He likes to text me to ask for recipe ideas and to brag about his amazing, healthy meals. His fiancé is an “Aussie health nut” (his words) who likes running, hiking, travel and eating raw, healthy foods.  Love it! We are having fun and feeling great!  We can never express how grateful we are for your influence, instruction and support.  It has changed our lives for the better”… Count Me In!

Shari has changed her brain and her body! She is making better decisions for herself and her family! She is influencing the lives of people all around her. In fact Shari is infectious! I can’t wait for her report on her triathlon 😉





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