The Evolved Brain Warrior - Part 3

The people in your tribe are contagious. Therefore, be conscious about with whom you spend your time. I think of time like currency, and people like an investment. Frankly, most of my friends and colleagues are smarter, more successful, more graceful, more generous, and make a bigger difference for the health of your brain and body. This doesn’t make me jealous; it inspires me to be better! Be happy if you look around and notice that your tribe outshines you. I bet they want to help. If not, find a tribe that inspires you to live a better life for the health of your brain and body.

People are not only contagious, but the health of your tribe can affect how long you live and how happy you are. Think about what you do and who you spend time with. Your life just might depend on it!

Do these five things to create a healthier tribe today:

  1. Have a clear vision for your life and your tribe—and don’t deviate.
  2. Be the change you want to see and don’t be afraid of criticism.
  3. Be in the solution, not the problem.
  4. Be a sheepdog, not a sheep. Sheepdogs don’t do anything that will hurt the flock.
  5. If your tribe is unhealthy, work hard at making changes, find a new tribe, or influence the one you are part of to be better.

We created the Brain Warrior’s Way for this reason. It’s a tribe of people focused on being healthier in every way, starting with the brain and body. It’s also about thinking independently with clarity. Ultimately we want you to get healthy and then help another tribe member.

Here’s what it means to be a Brain Warrior:

  1. Brain and Body of a Warrior: Eat like a Warrior.
  2. Train like a Warrior: Have a strong, healthy body.
  3. Think Like A Warrior: Have a strong, healthy mind.
  4. Embrace the Warrior Spirit: Why is the world a better place because you’re in it?

There are simply too many sheep in the world. We need more sheepdogs, more leaders, more people focused on making positive changes in themselves, their tribes and the world. To do that effectively you need to be surrounded by other like-minded people—other WARRIORS!

We would love for you to join us today in our goal toward empowering people and creating a healthier, happier world! If you’ve read the book and still want more, check out our in-depth Brain Warrior’s Way Course, designed to get you to the next level and earn your black belt in health. Remember to use code TANA21 for 21% off.




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