The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 2

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The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 2

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If you’ve been following our series on choosing your tribe wisely, you’re starting to understand the hazards of “blind loyalty” and being part of the wrong tribe. Overriding individual thought and creating herd mentality is hazardous. Dehumanizing the “other tribe” makes it easier to behave in ways most people never would if they personally knew someone in it. We always want you to think for yourself as a warrior and become part of a tribe that is making a positive difference in the world.

While no one is a bigger advocate for personal responsibility and accountability than I am, I do believe we need to think of the bigger picture; of how to create bridges instead of so many walls— along with fair accountability, or we will continue going the wrong way.

It makes me very sad to see the hard lines being drawn politically (our nation has never been more divided), by religion, law enforcement and certain undeserved communities. I’m in the precarious position of knowing many people on both sides. I have many friends who are police officers, who risk their lives to help keep people safe. And as a nurse, I’ve worked with many people who believe the police are the enemy tribe. Through their eyes it’s hard to see other options.

When tribe against tribe mentality starts, hatred and discrimination grow and the progress toward a solution halts. However, connection to the tribe plays a critical role in the mental health of most of its members. Belonging helps people make sense of chaos in the world and gives people an identity. It gives people a sense of meaning, purpose, and literally makes the world less dangerous. This need is so ingrained in people that they are often likely to join a group and do things contrary to their own personal interests, simply because it helps them be accepted; it’s what their family or community has done for generations or is doing in the moment. They believe that the duties they have been charged with will benefit the group, even if it’s not in their best interest. Rioting is a perfect example.

One of the primary drivers of groups throughout history has been the drive to go to war for a cause, defeat injustice or conquer more territory for survival and growth of their own tribe. This can lead to a “tribe versus tribe” mentality. The “tribe versus tribe” mentality is such a deeply ingrained characteristic that many scientists believe it’s an instinct that can never be changed. This drive is a major part of the success of humans to survive and thrive throughout history in order to pass on their genes. Scientists and historians alike agree that it brought about some of the greatest thinking, inventions and survival skills, and some of the worst atrocities in human history!

The need to conquer will never be tamed. Warriors will always need a war of some kind to fill that instinctual need. When there isn’t a fight over religion, politics or territory, people begin wars on cancer, poverty or some other injustice against humanity.

Personally I love the idea of being a warrior to educate people to be well, to be their best, think their best and do their best. I’m not even opposed to fighting wars against cancer, poverty and injustice. But I draw the line at building walls between human beings who are supposed to be part of my tribe with hateful messages, movies and propaganda. I hope more of you will join us in becoming “Evolved Brain Warriors.

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