Celebrate Summer With Farmers Market Feasts

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Celebrate Summer With Farmers Market Feasts

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A shocking study shows that fewer than 1 in 3 US adolescents eat fruits and vegetables every day. And not surprisingly, the kids with the unhealthiest eating habits were most likely to be overweight or obese and unhappy with the appearance of their bodies.

Like adults, kids should eat a diet that’s high in produce, such as my 70% plant + 30% protein Omni Diet and The Brain Warrior’s Way, for optimal health. One fun way to entice children to eat more vegetables is taking them to a farmers’ market, so they can forage from a rainbow of delicious, wholesome produce.

Instead of the boring orange carrots at a standard supermarket, you’ll find them in every hue at a farm stand, from purple to white. Colorful carrots, particularly the purple ones, contain more antioxidants than their commercially grown counterparts, according to a study published in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

And unlike bland grocery store tomatoes, those at farmers’ markets taste better and are more nutritious. Researchers reported that organic tomatoes have higher concentrations of vitamin C and health-enhancing phenolic compounds.

There are dozens of varieties of fresh-from-the-farm tomatoes to choose among, ranging from bite-sized grape tomatoes to huge beefsteak fruits, in nearly every color and shape. Kids may also be intrigued by such novel veggies as watermelon radishes, garlic scapes, and purple cauliflower.

And for dessert, grab a pint of blueberries. Our family calls the tangy blue fruit “God’s candy,” while some researchers dub them “brainberries” because blueberries help keep our memory and wits sharp.

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