Did you know that the avocado has been dubbed “the world’s most perfect food,” due to its astonishing bounty of health benefits? Also known as the alligator pear, It provides nearly 20 essential nutrients that support heart health, quell inflammation, improve blood sugar levels, and may even help ward off cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

What’s more, even though the delectable green fruit is high in fat (the healthy kind), a recent study published in Nutrition reports that people who eat this delectable green fruit frequently have a lower weight (an average of 7.5 pounds less), lower BMI (body mass index) and smaller waist circumference, compared to those who eat avocados less often or not at all.

Avocado-eaters also had a 50 percent drop in risk for metabolic syndrome, a cluster of five cardiometabolic abnormalities that quintuple risk for type 2 diabetes and triple it for heart attack. About 50 million Americans suffer from this dangerous syndrome, which has recently been linked to elevated risk for Alzheimer’s and other memory-robbing disorders.

Another health perk of the creamy, antioxidant-rich fruit–known as “God’s butter” in the Amen household–is higher levels of heart-protective HDL cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, the study found. People who ate avocados frequently also had a much more nutritious diet overall, the researchers found.

Delicious ways to enjoy the pear-shaped nutritional powerhouse include smoothies, guacamole, soup, salad, wraps, spreads, dips, and for dessert, Amazing Avocado Gelato. Bon appetite!