3 Reasons To Get Back On Track Quickly

Unfortunately, even highly trained Brain Warriors fall and get some bumps and bruises now and then. Having a plan to get up and get back on track quickly is essential to success. The journey will never be perfect. For those of you struggling to find your Brain Warrior mindset after the holidays, read about Angie’s fall.

Angie is a very special Brain Warrior. She’s lost 103 pounds and kept it off for over three years. Angie’s journey hasn’t been perfect, and she didn’t find a magic pill. In fact, before finding this program, Angie tried just about every diet and quick fix program she could find, only to “fail” over and over.

Once Angie learned how to think like a Brain Warrior, she found long-term success. She has had falls, but never failure. She has learned to turn bad days into good data. Angie’s story is featured in our new book, The Brain Warrior’s Way. Her story has inspired many people who have felt hopeless, and I hope that it will help you now if you’re struggling with post holiday sugar blues.

Take a look at this update from Angie:

Hi Tana! I hope you all had a good holiday! It’s been a rough couple of months for me, but I know it’s all part of the process. I started working out too much, dramatically dropped my calorie intake to get those last pounds off (after regaining a few), didn’t work out so well, after weeks of too much working out and not enough food my body responded in such a way I couldn’t get enough to eat, putting the weight back on and even adding a few pounds. I started cheating, making exceptions for things I KNEW I shouldn’t be eating. Just before Christmas I injured my back at work, healing now but couldn’t work out for a few weeks which was really difficult. After all of this, self-loathing, shame and anguish over my eating, sabotaging my own progress I jumped right back into phase 1 (The Omni Diet) and after only a few days I felt better mentally and physically. Weight starts coming off right away, brain feels clearer. Just amazing to have such a huge set back ( as we all do ) and be able to jump back into it so easily and be so effective so quickly. So thankful for this program, this knowledge, your help through it all. I know I’ll never be lost without it. I thought for sure, this time, I was done, I’d ruined everything and I’d gain back the weight and be sick again. And just as quickly as I jumped right back into it, my self doubt was gone. Much love and gratitude, Angie.

Angie’s message is the perfect warrior call. This is what people struggle with, and exactly what we teach them to do. It’s exactly why we called the current book, “The Brain Warrior’s Way”. It’s a war! And it’s NOT a diet. It’s a way of life. Warriors always ALWAYS have to be vigilant and trained, and never let their guard down.

I have been in the place of not being able to work out when I went through medical treatments. I was depressed and went into a downward spiral within a couple weeks. Yo-yo dieting never works. It’s why people have to keep yo-yo-ing. The only solution is real food, loving yourself, all the time.

I remember when I broke my rib two weeks before my black belt test. After six years of preparation it was a HUGE set back. I almost felt like giving up. My confidence was shaken. I began wondering if it was worth it. I couldn’t workout so I started feeling lousy, and had more negative self-talk. But that is what training to be a black belt is ultimately about… overcoming challenges!

I realized there was NO WAY I was going to give years of work for a broken rib or anything else! Giving up would have been far more painful than any physical injury. I just changed the date of the test and allowed myself to heal. I fell, got hurt, healed, and got back up. Then I started training again, slowly at first.

Here’s the biggest lesson I learned- The FEAR of getting hurt (really hurt) was worse than actually getting hurt. I always feared getting attacked and hurt. But through my training I’ve had a broken foot, broken rib, contusions, abrasions, etc… None of them hurt as bad as I had imagined. In fact, I had kept fighting at the time and didn’t even realize I was hurt that badly. But when I broke my rib I let it get me down- for a short time. Then like all warriors I got back up. You only fail if you stay down. That’s exactly what Angie did- she went through a war with her health in the past, and won. Then she took a big hit over the holidays, and let it shake her confidence. But she didn’t let it destroy her.

All warriors have a few battle scars, it’s what makes us smarter and tougher, and better able to avoid danger the next time. It also makes us better mentors. So congratulations Angie! Congratulations on another battle scar, something to learn from, something to grow from.

In summary, here are three important lessons we learn from falling:

1. Our FEAR is usually worse than the actual fall. We can take a lot.

2. It teaches you how to avoid future danger.

3. It builds strength.

To read Angie’s story, and for more information on becoming a Brain Warrior, check out The Brain Warrior’s Way*.


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