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BWW Week 5: How to Conquer Carb Cravings


You spoke and we listened. The feedback from our last Brain Warrior’s Live Class, while positive, clearly stated that you would like more time having your questions answered. Below is a list of several of the most frequently asked questions and answers along with one of our favorite Amen household recipes. If you prefer watching the video to hear these questions answered, go to my Facebook page in the video … Continue reading “BWW Week 4: Your Recipe and FAQ Answers Are Ready”

BWW Week 3: Brain Warrior Takeoff Tips & Daily Food Examples


If you’re following us on the Brain Warrior’s Way journey, you’ve already cleaned out your pantry and started purchasing the basics from the shopping list we sent you last week. If not, now is the time. As you begin throwing out the processed foods of old, you may feel like you’re ditching some of your best friends. It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of longing for the food like … Continue reading “BWW Week 2: Forming Healthy Food Relationships”

BWW Week 1: Quick Start Sustenance Guide


Moms and mother figures are so important in helping us become the people we are, so for Mother’s Day, I want to honor all the amazing things moms do. Mothers give life, teach lessons, and help their children learn to create healthy bonds. Most of the time, they are the health warriors for their families, work places and communities. And even though most mothers aren’t perfect, their intentions are always … Continue reading “Dear Mom, I Love You”