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Ease MANopause with Diet & Exercise


The latest news on the microbiome comes from a study in Ireland that links the health and diversity of the microbiome to exercise (we know diet is key — more on that below). Researchers at University College Cork compared the gut microbiome in 40 professional rugby players to those of healthy men who are not professional athletes. They found that the rugby players each had a much more diverse microbiome … Continue reading “Exercise and Your Microbiome”

What a Zebra Taught Me About Stress and Mindfulness

What I Learned From A Zebra - Tana Amen BSN RN

If you find working out a drag, you might want to change your strategy. There is new evidence that shows that your attitude about exercise may actually be linked to how much benefit you receive from it. A new study suggests that when you view the time you spend being active as fun, not a chore, you’re less likely to overeat afterwards. A team of French and American researchers decided … Continue reading “The Surprising Key to Optimizing the Benefits of Exercise”

Men and the John Wayne Syndrome


We’re learning more and more about the surprising reach and power stress has over us. Would you have guessed that food high in fat and sugar (aka junk food) is worse for your health when you’re under stress? A new study from the University of California, San Francisco suggests that two women whose diets are high in both fat and sugar can have different metabolic responses to the junk food … Continue reading “How Stress Sabotages Your Health”

Stand Up and Boost Your Brain