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Give Thanks for Abundant Health This Year

With Thanksgiving next week, we’re heading fast into the holiday season with all its temptations – cookies, cakes, sweets of every description, office holiday parties and big family meals that may not be “Omni Diet” friendly. I call it the season of the food pushers, those well intentioned friends and family members who urge us to “just take a little bit” of whatever high calorie and sugar laden food item … Continue reading “Holiday Challenge: Can You Have an Omni Holiday?”

Trans Fats: So Long, Goodbye… Again

One of the most intriguing new studies I’ve come across recently suggests that a high carbohydrate diet heavy on the pasta, white bread, bagels, white rice, plus sodas (regular and diet), red meat and margarine sets off chronic inflammation and that this inflammation can lead to depression in addition to all the physical illnesses it can foster. The new study, from the Harvard School of Public Health, is important because … Continue reading “Do Carbs Cause Depression?”

Snacking Strategy that’s Really Good for You