7 Steps to Mastering Your Brain


Every day, we are fighting a war for our health. We are constantly being bombarded by advertisements, tempted by danger, and surrounded by sheep. That is why we have to be Brain Warriors for the good of ourselves, and the ones we love: all of our lives depend on it. So, what exactly is a Brain Warrior? A Brain Warrior is someone who has M.A.S.T.E.R.Y over the health of their … Continue reading “7 Steps to Mastering Your Brain”

4 Ways to Ignite Your Focus and Energy Quickly


Why does it seem like there are never enough hours in the day? From day to night, work to family, personal goals, and endless to-do lists, we’re a nation of on-the-go people. We all want to be more productive, which requires more focus and more energy. If you feel your focus and energy slipping, you’ll want to read on. Below are four simple, scientifically proven strategies that will keep you … Continue reading “4 Ways to Ignite Your Focus and Energy Quickly”

4 Tips to Transform the Sugar Witch On Halloween


Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, this time of year is horrifying for those of us dedicated to being Brain Warriors. Everywhere you look there is candy lurking. And if you have normal kids, they’re begging you buy it. Suddenly you become the candy witch! I’ve been engaging in Halloween traditions to combat the candy witch image for years. In fact, I’m happy to report that my new Halloween status … Continue reading “4 Tips to Transform the Sugar Witch On Halloween”

Sleep. Every kid needs it. How do you ensure that your kids are getting the benefits of a good night’s rest?


We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important , but poor sleep does more than just make kids tired the next day – it can affect their developing brains, trigger depression, attentional and learning problems, poor judgment and impulse control issues.  Sleep is also primetime for growth hormones to be most effective in kids. So, exactly what happens in the brain during sleep? Sleep helps the brain … Continue reading “Sleep. Every kid needs it. How do you ensure that your kids are getting the benefits of a good night’s rest?”

Seven Steps to End the Food Fight with Your Kids


One of the struggles of being a mom is making sure your kids eat right. We are what we eat, and food—especially brain food—is an important factor on what kind of a late-teen and adult they will be. I spend a lot of time every week answering questions from incredible women, and often they don’t come to me until they are at their wits end, pulling their hair out from … Continue reading “Seven Steps to End the Food Fight with Your Kids”

6 Foods To Help Kill Your Sugar Addiction


Did you know the average person takes in 22 teaspoons of sugar daily—more than THREE times the amount suggested by the American Heart Association, which is already high! And although it has never been considered a health food, new evidence shows sugar can do even more damage than previously thought, setting you up for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. But weaning yourself off sugar can be daunting. It’s tough to … Continue reading “6 Foods To Help Kill Your Sugar Addiction”

How to Overcome Peer Pressure as an Adult


One of the things most teens hate most about adolescence is the pressure to fit in. They look forward to the “individuality” that comes with adulthood. Unfortunately, that individuality eludes most adults who continue to worry about how they look, fitting in and being accepted. We often ask people if they want to be sheep or sheepdogs. Sheep go with flow. Sheepdogs do what’s right instead of what’s popular. Sheep … Continue reading “How to Overcome Peer Pressure as an Adult”

How to Fall in Love with Your Goals


Just like that, summer has come and gone. Fall has routinely become a great time to re-evaluate progress year and set new goals. These goals are not just financial but also your health goals, as well. Goals can become overwhelming but they don’t have to be. In order to be successful in the world, we need to have clearly defined goals. Specifically, we need to know who we are and … Continue reading “How to Fall in Love with Your Goals”