What If Weight Loss Were Easy?

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What If Weight Loss Were Easy?

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I love partnering with like-minded people who help people lose weight sensibly. I often partner with my friend Kerry Tepedino for that reason. Her personal story is powerful and she gets amazing results with clients by addressing spiritual and psychological issues (issues few experts touch on).

It’s that time of year again when people are joining in the #1 New Year’s resolution of losing weight. Statistically it has been shown that fewer than 9% who embark on this journey are successful.

The reason is because most people are turning to the latest fad diet or a more regimented eating program, which never works. If it did, you wouldn’t be resolving (yet again) to make this year the year you finally succeed in the weight war.

The missing piece in so many weight loss efforts is the mindset and connection to self. And without these vital components, long-term, manageable, and enjoyable success is next to impossible.

We want you to end this self-sabotaging cycle once and for all. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to Kerry, our friend and colleague, and a true wellness and weight loss pioneer. Kerry has developed a system for weight loss that is spiritually grounded, emotionally savvy, and based on proven principals from body-mind research.

  • Go beyond the struggle so you get your life back.
  • Harness the power of intuitive eating.
  • Shift your psychology and mindset – permanently.
  • Build simple, sustainable changes into your daily life.

As someone who once struggled with bulimia, emotional eating and a negative body image, Kerry has intimately experienced the daunting challenge of shifting one’s mindset and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Her approach elevates weight loss from a frustrating battle with destructive or unhealthy behaviors to a beautiful spiritual journey. She will inspire you to your personal best.

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