Ask Tana: Workout Smarter…Not Harder!

By: Tana Amen | Resource Categories: Fitness. | on 26/03/2015 at 9:54 PM

For many of you, when you hear the word “exercise,” the first thing that pops in your head is going to the gym and sweating. And the thing is, the world outside your door is a gym! The exercise can be a simple one-hour brisk walk around the neighborhood, or wherever you want to be!
Think of exercise not as a daily chore, but as a daily dose of natural medicine.
People with ADD & Depression
Serotonin is your don’t-worry-be-happy transmitter, and dopamine is your let’s-get-it-done motivating transmitter. People with ADD are low in dopamine quite often, and people who are sometimes depressed, aren’t feeling well, have mood disorders…a lot of times they are low in serotonin.
Did you know that something as simple as taking your brain out for a walk can increase both those transmitters for a daily dose of natural medicine?
“What Kind Of Exercise Is Best?”
One of the questions I get, and actually I received it in so many different ways is, “what kind of exercise is best?”
“Should I lift weights?”
“Should I walk?”
“Should I run?”
“What should I do?”
The answer to that is inside this week’s video.