Ask Tana: Take Supplements That Match Your Personal Health Profile

By: Tana Amen | Resource Categories: Nutrition. | on 18/04/2015 at 9:54 PM

Confused about vitamins and minerals? Were you embarrassed when your doctor told you that all that is wrong with you is that you aren’t eating healthy enough? Or ticked off, because that office visit cost you $100 just to hear that?!
Watch “Your Supplement Routine for Prevention” video where I talk to you about basic supplements, and then going up to the less common.

Let’s talk about how I boost my iron with this one little supplement that is more like a little-known protein. Then I’ll show you a vitamin that people say that they get 1,000 units a day in their multivitamin, but when they get checked by us, some of them have a level of 19.
I’ll also talk about supplements and kids.
I’ll explain what supplements I give my daughter, along with how to give your kids supplements without having a fight on your hands. I’m sure fighting them to eat their greens is hard enough.
If you’re confused about vitamins and minerals, watch this video that will get you started on a simple supplement routine for a prevention all your own.