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Category: Nutrition

Ask Tana: Omni Diet: Picky Kid Approved

I’m going to share with you the kind of smart foods—snacks, desserts and lunches—that kids will actually eat!
No threatening and pleading required.

Ask Tana: The Truth About Grains

Of all my Ask Tana moments, this just may be your favorite. That is, if grains are one of your favorites (“comfort foods”), while you are trying to stop your sugar addiction at the same time.

Ask Tana: Foods to Choose & Foods to Lose

This week’s video is going to really make you think about how you age and the drugs you take.

Ask Tana: The Pantry Cleanse Tana Amen

Isn’t it odd that we don’t want our kids to eat junk food, but we feed it to them anyway at the dinner table? No, I’m not talking about bringing home McDonald’s or KFC, but foods that we think are healthy when they are really junk food.

Ask Tana: Do Calories Matter?

Think of calories like money. Every bite is a caloric deposit. Are you depositing Dollars, Pesos, Euros…… The deposits you make have different exchange rates.

Ask Tana: Know Your Numbers

Do you know your health numbers?

Ask Tana: The Truth About Wine & Coffee

For some, there’s nothing like a glass of red wine to go along with their Beef Stroganoff.
For others, it’s that feeling of wrapping their hands around their favorite coffee mug while the aroma from the freshly-brewed beans floats up to their noses and they slowly sip while reading a good book.

Ask Tana: Controlling Carb Cravings

Do you consider yourself the average American? If so, on average, you eat over 100 pounds of sugar per year. Line up 20 5-pound sugar bags, and say hello to your typical diet.