Is Your Pantry Full Of Poison?

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Is Your Pantry Full Of Poison?

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Discover if your pantry is full of medicine or poison and get ready to make a new grocery list! Daniel and I will take you on an eye opening tour through an all American family pantry and teach you which foods help to heal and which ones will hurt you.

If you eat the standard American diet your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer contains food that are a disaster for your brain health, and your weight. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to do a clean sweep of your entire kitchen and get rid of all the foods that sabotage your health. Learn which American staple items you should ditch for good. What might surprise you most are is that many foods with "healthy" on the label are some of the worst offenders. We’ll teach you about unhealthy hidden ingredients. Tag along as we show you the items to eliminate from your kitchen and your life. You really can change your brain, and change your life!

5 items that will "kill you" early:

  1. Hydrogenated Oils
  2. MSG.
  3. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  4. Red Dye 40
  5. Foods that quickly turn to sugar: pasta, rice, potatoes, corn and bread

4 Items that will keep you "living longer":

  1. Fruits and vegetables (organic when possible. Know the clean 15 and the dirty dozen)
  2. High quality protein: grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free
  3. Fat from avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds and salmon
  4. High fiber, whole foods

Eating the right foods plays an important part in our health. When you leave fake foods behind, your body will thrive and your health will soar. Since Daniel and I can’t be there to clean out your pantry, take good notes and go to to access my grocery shopping check list to restock, and restart your pantry.

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