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10 Fun Ways to Keep Improving Your Brain

brain health

Until the middle of the 20th century, it was widely believed that our brains became “fixed” once we got to adulthood, so we were stuck with whatever we had going on inside our skulls. Of course, modern science has known for decades that is not the case. Due to a process called neuroplasticity (pronounced:noor-oh-pla-stis-i-tee), the…

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4 Sneaky Reasons You’re Forgetting Things


Are you in your 40s or 50s and wondering where your sharp memory went? Well, I can tell you that you’re not the only one. I’ve been hearing this same complaint from several friends—all of whom are in perimenopause or have recently reached menopause. While I can honestly say nature is in part to blame,…

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Are Bad Habits in Charge of Your Life?

bad habits

When I think about it, I find it pretty amazing that a virus has had the power to shift the world we live in. It seems that at times, the adjustments and changes we’ve had to make have brought out the best in us—as well as the worst. None of us were prepared for a…

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Easy Tips to Get Your Stress in Check

relax calm peace desk

As I look around, it feels like stressors are everywhere these days. During the past 12-months (and counting) we’ve had to make major changes to the way we live our lives. In turn, this has led to increased anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds for us. Thinking back to March 2020, I can…

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6 Strategies for Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others


Your personal boundaries are where you end and another person begins—psychologically, emotionally, and physically. They are an important way in which we define ourselves; however, some people have a difficult time establishing and maintaining them.  If you’re wondering about yourself, notice if you answer “yes” or “no” to the 5 questions below: Are you the…

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5 Ways to Help Manage Toxic Thoughts


When you’re emotionally stuck in a bad place, it can be hard to even imagine loving yourself. Depression, darkness, and despair often feel like a hole you can’t climb out of. Many years ago, my depression was so awful, I wanted my life to be over and occasionally imagined a semi-truck taking me out on the highway…

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Are You Feeling Lonely?

sad depressed

Did you know nearly half of Americans age 18 and older feel lonely?  It was heartbreaking to hear this, yet I learned so much about it during my Relentless Courage interview with Jack Eason, author of the recent book, The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World.  The father of two Gen Z kids…

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6 Easy Tips for Calming Nerves and Boosting Mood

Cheers water

If you’re dealing with stress, worries, or the winter blues right now, you’ve got a lot of company. The pressure to deal with everything that’s going on during this pandemic isn’t likely to ease up soon enough. Though the coming months are likely to be challenging, I believe you’re strong and will get through them!…

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6 Warrior-Worthy Ways To Give Back During Quarantine

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread illness, panic, and anxiety across the nation, you may be getting bored, depressed, and lonely at home. To maintain a Brain Warrior mindset, you need to put down the remote control, get off the couch, and give back. Research shows that volunteering and giving back to your community…

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5 Ideas To Make Easter Special This Year

I have to be honest. This isn’t an easy blog for me to write. Usually, I’m really excited to share my thoughts on how to create a beautiful brain healthy Easter brunch for family and friends. And I love to remind my Warrior tribe about the true meaning of this very important holiday. For those…

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