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Brain Health Assessment

Take Dr. Daniel Amen’s free Brain Health Assessment to discover your Brain Type and your Brain Fit Score! You’ll get a personalized report, based on your brain type, with recommendations to better understand and improve your brain. We want to help you live a better, healthier and happier life. It only takes about 5 minutes,…

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Ease Your Pain & Make A Difference These Holidays!

In order to distract himself from his own pain and loss, a victim of the California fires did this amazing thing for others in his neighborhood. You too can ease your pain by helping and spending time with others who need you this Christmas. For 18% off the Best Of 2017 Brain Healthy Supplements click…

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – The Gift Of Health

  Is there someone on your shopping list that has everything? Why not give the gift of health these holidays? Streamline your holiday shopping, with ideas for saving both time and money.     Ease stress these holidays. Shop online for the gift of health and get 21% OFF with coupon code TANA21 at checkout.

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Your Plan for Holiday Nutrition & Health Success

  Staying healthy through the holidays doesn’t have to be hard. Change your mindset. Tana Amen explains health tips so you can stay healthy and be a role model for your family over the holidays.     Craving ControlAnyone who has ever tried to make better choices knows all too well how cravings can sabotage…

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The Real Deal On Supplements For Kids

Why? How much? Which ones?… are some of the frequently asked questions I get when it comes to kids and supplements. Summer can be a great opportunity to make healthy changes or refocus your families’ health routines. Or, better yet, if you don’t have a health routine, now is the time to start one. Typically,…

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Supplements That Match Your Health

How great would it be… if we heard this from our doctors:

"Take two multivitamins, and call me in the morning."

Watch this video to discover what you can do for your health with a supplement regiment!

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

As you may know, our bodies make vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. If you’re very, very careful, you might be able to get most of your vitamin D via sun exposure, as long as you don’t overdo it, since too much sun can lead to skin cancer. Michael Holick, M.D.,…

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Vitamins & Breast Cancer

I want to be sure that you know what studies have been showing about the protective effects of vitamins in women diagnosed with breast cancer. If you’re familiar with “The Omni Diet”, you know that I recommend everyone take a multivitamin/mineral supplement daily. I view these supplements as backup for your body to ensure that…

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Magnesium: A Marvelously Powerful Health Booster

Amazing, but true: Getting enough magnesium could actually save your life. The Harvard Nurses’ Health Study once reported that women with the highest levels of magnesium in their blood plasma had a 77 percent lower risk for sudden cardiac death or fatal heart arrhythmias, compared to women with the lowest levels, even with other cardiac…

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