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7 Medications That Are Depleting Your Nutrients

I meet with so many Warriors who tell me they’re eating nutrient-dense foods, so they wonder if they need to take supplements too. I usually tell them that even if they’re consuming high-quality foods, they may not be getting the benefit from all the nutrients they contain. Why not? If you’re taking any kind of…

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Scientist’s Answer: Supplements – How Should You Take Them? Pt.4

  Can supplements be taken together or do they need to be taken separately? Do supplements need to be taken with fat? Should stimulating or calming supplements be taken at certain times of the day? How long does it take to get the optimal benefit of taking supplements? What are the best supplements to help…

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Kids & Supplements: Scientist Answers Your Questions Pt.3

  Dr. Parris Kidd PhD and child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen answer your questions on supplements for children. What supplements should I give my child? What if my child is too young to swallow pills or refuses to take supplements? To learn more about BrainMD Health supplements visit my store page here.

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Can Supplements Improve Your Mental Health? Pt.2

  Is it safe to take supplements with anti-depressants, SSRI’s or anti-psychotic medicine? Learn what supplements can help your mood, memory, mental sharpness, sexual function, anxiety and stress. Would taking 5-HTP or GABA or saffron help? BrainMD Scientist, Dr Parris Kidd, and child psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, together with Tana, answer your questions regarding nutritional…

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Can Vegetarians Get Enough B12?

  Attention vegan and vegetarian Warriors! I know many of you choose to eat a plant-based diet for better health. Filled with antioxidants, these nutrient-dense foods help you ward off disease, calm inflammation, and maintain a healthy weight. However, without careful attention and supplementation there are a few things missing. One of these nutrients is…

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Scientist Answers Your Supplement Questions Pt.1

  Studies show that the quality of food these days is substantially lower than it used to be. The diet of people all over the world lacks sufficient vitamins and minerals because of this. So what should we look for when purchasing supplements? Tana chats with Dr Parris Kidd, Chief Science Officer for supplement developer…

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Are You Suffering From The Winter Blues?

  Could vitamin D help you through your winter blues? Who should take vitamin D and how much should you take? Optimize your vitamin D levels to promote a positive mood and emotional balance. Visit my store page for more information on our Vitamin D supplement.

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Brain Health Assessment

Take Dr. Daniel Amen’s free Brain Health Assessment to discover your Brain Type and your Brain Fit Score! You’ll get a personalized report, based on your brain type, with recommendations to better understand and improve your brain. We want to help you live a better, healthier and happier life. It only takes about 5 minutes,…

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Ease Your Pain & Make A Difference These Holidays!

In order to distract himself from his own pain and loss, a victim of the California fires did this amazing thing for others in his neighborhood. You too can ease your pain by helping and spending time with others who need you this Christmas. For 18% off the Best Of 2017 Brain Healthy Supplements click…

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