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Bright Minds Music – For A Better Brain

Bright Minds Memory Rescue CD by Barry Goldstein And Dr Daniel Amen

Could vitamin D help you through your winter blues? Who should take vitamin D and how much should you take? Optimize your vitamin D levels to promote a positive mood and emotional balance. Visit my store page for 20% off Vitamin D – this week only. Starts Tuesday 2/20/2018. Use promo code: HELLOSUN at checkout.

Neurofeedback Treatment: Stop Suffering

Neurofeedback Treatment with Dr Jay Gattis by Tana Amen BSN RN

Are you suffering from allergies, brain fog, or neurological symptoms like pain? Could it be mold poisoning? Around 50% of buildings in the USA are water damaged and could have a mold problem. Stored food like coffee, wheat, corn and peanuts often has mold spores growing in it – but there is help! Identify and eliminate mold from your life. Get tested. Get treated. Feel better. Consult your local functional … Continue reading “Poisoned By Mold?”

Brain Health Assessment

Brain Health Assessment by Dr Daniel Amen

Dr. Mark Filidei from Amen Clinics in Orange County, California discusses functional medicine with me. Dr. Filidei describes functional medicine in an easy to understand way. How is functional medicine an important part of psychiatric treatment? Achieve lasting recovery from mental health conditions. Learn the underlying cause of physical and mental health problems. Call 1-888-288-9834 or 1-949-266-3700 today for your Skype appointment with Dr. Filidei.

Heal Your Gut! Make GERD Go Away With Dr Mark Filidei

GERD With Dr Mark Filidei And Tana Amen BSN RN

Let’s talk about bonding and oxytocin – the ‘cuddle’ hormone. It is what hospitals give women when they are having a baby. Pitocin is the synthetic, medicinal form of oxytocin, used to increase contractions and help women go into labor. It also helps us breastfeed and fall in love with a screaming, red, squishy looking newborn baby and believe it is the most beautiful creature we’ve ever laid eyes on. … Continue reading “3 Ways to Increase Your ‘Cuddle’ Hormone”