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When Arguing Hurts More Than Your Feelings

Nobody likes to argue with their spouse. It can hurt your feelings and put you in a bad mood. But did you know that those verbal spats can also cause physical pain? And I’m not talking about violent confrontations here, just regular day-to-day bickering. Researchers at Penn State have found that people with chronic conditions,…

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Is Someone You Love Struggling With Addiction?

If you have a friend or family member struggling with a problem behavior, how do you balance between tough love and helping them build healthy and internal motivation to change? Walking that tight rope is a challenge. Today, my highly qualified medical director with many years of experience helping addicts, guides us through this process.…

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Show Me Your School Lunches

  It’s that time of year again. Every year, when the kids go back to school, I get a flood of requests for ideas for healthy school lunches and snacks. It’s no wonder. Good nutrition is critical for the development of your child’s brain and their ability to focus, learn, and perform in the classroom.…

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Kids & Supplements: Scientist Answers Your Questions Pt.3

 Dr. Parris Kidd PhD and child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen answer your questions on supplements for children. What supplements should I give my child? What if my child is too young to swallow pills or refuses to take supplements? For more in this series check out these episodes: Scientist Answers Your Supplement Questions Pt.1Can Supplements…

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Can Supplements Improve Your Mental Health? Pt.2

 Is it safe to take supplements with anti-depressants, SSRI’s or anti-psychotic medicine? Learn what supplements can help your mood, memory, mental sharpness, sexual function, anxiety and stress. Would taking 5-HTP or GABA or saffron help? BrainMD Scientist, Dr Parris Kidd, and Psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, join me to answer your questions regarding nutritional supplements. For…

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Teen Issues: What’s Trending? with my Psychiatrist, Dr Karimpour

Dr Mona Karimpour provides young adults, teens, and children, with the tools they need when faced with a crisis or a brain disorder like depression, anxiety, ADD etc. She notices the changing trends in issues our young people are despairing over each year, and offers anxious parents solutions that work. If you need to reach…

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Could You Have Lyme Disease?

A high school girl began hallucinating after a family trip to the mountains. After months of extreme heartache while being institutionalized and treated with antipsychotic drugs, she THEN visited the Amen Clinics where she tested positive for Lyme disease. She was treated with antibiotics and is now living a normal life and has graduated college.…

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Teen Drivers with ADD/ADHD? Crashes More Likely

If you think your teenager’s ADD/ADHD is just an annoyance, think again. A recent study of newly licensed drivers between the ages of 16-17 showed that teens with attention problems are at higher risk of a crash. And those with hyperactivity-impulsivity or oppositional defiant disorder are more likely to engage in risky driving behavior, such…

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Brain Healthy Easter Brunch Made Easy

Easter is right around the corner. As with most holidays, the advertisers have won the battle in shifting the focus away from what’s important. For many of us Easter is a religious and spiritual holiday of new life, a time of renewal. Even it if’s not a religious holiday for you, Easter likely holds some…

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