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Celebrating Your Own Grit and Independence on July 4th


It’s hard to believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner—and that it might even be a “normal” one! Do you remember how 12 months ago, it felt so difficult to celebrate our independence when we were all pretty much sequestered at home together? What a long way we have come! Beyond…

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4 Sneaky Reasons You’re Forgetting Things


Are you in your 40s or 50s and wondering where your sharp memory went? Well, I can tell you that you’re not the only one. I’ve been hearing this same complaint from several friends—all of whom are in perimenopause or have recently reached menopause. While I can honestly say nature is in part to blame,…

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Calm Your Mind and Boost Your Mood with 3 Easy Food Swaps

salad health family

It’s easy to understand why so many people are struggling—mentally and physically—after more than a year with limitations on our normal lifestyles. With so much ongoing uncertainty, a lot of people have resorted to less-than-healthy habits in an effort to soothe their angst. Unfortunately, these typically bad choices have added up in ways that can…

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Easy Tips to Get Your Stress in Check

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As I look around, it feels like stressors are everywhere these days. During the past 12-months (and counting) we’ve had to make major changes to the way we live our lives. In turn, this has led to increased anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds for us. Thinking back to March 2020, I can…

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4 Ways to Experience the Power of Forgiveness

journal coffee

One of the greatest life lessons I have learned is how to forgive the people who had hurt me. It was an important part of my healing journey and helped me become the fulfilled person I am today. I’ll admit, it wasn’t a quick or linear process, but over the course of several years, I…

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Rewiring the Effects of Emotional Trauma on the Brain

wake up sleep relax

I was so thrilled when Dr. David Perlmutter, the notable neurologist and bestselling author (and one of my mentors!), joined me for a Relentless Courage interview. Even before we had gotten to know one another, I had been following his impressive work because I was eager to learn as much as possible about how different things,…

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3 Simple Strategies to Stay Focused on Your 2021 Goals


We’re almost a quarter of the way into 2021, and despite the challenges that are both behind and still ahead of us, I know many people made new resolutions or goals for the year. This tradition can be a way to identify and change what may have lapsed in the past year, or it can…

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5 Steps for Making Peace with Food and Yourself


“I hate my life,” she said. “I know it would be different if I could be skinny, younger, and more beautiful.”           “What do you hate about your body?” Byron Katie asked in a serene voice.          “It’s too fat, too old, and it sags. If I could be younger and have a hard body, my life…

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5 Ways to be Strong Through Adversity


My friend and colleague, JJ Virgin is a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, as well as a New York Times bestselling author. She joined me for a Relentless Courage interview to talk about her most recent book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience. First, you should know what inspired her to write it.  JJ’s son, Grant, had struggled…

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The Foods You’re Eating That are Making You Feel Worse!

About 8 months into the pandemic, I was invited for an interview with Mareya Ibrahim (a.k.a. The Fit Foodie) as part of TheFitExpo Live Experience. The focus of our conversation was about the role the food-mood connection plays into the struggles a lot of people are having right now.  She and I really understand how food choices…

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