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Success Story: Brain Warrior Angie 

  I love hearing from Brain Warriors who have turned their life around and won the battle for their health. One of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with is a woman named Angie. When I first met her, she weighed 225 pounds and had been suffering from:   Migraine headaches Rosacea Dry skin Dizziness…

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Inspiration Is An Action!

  Natalie is a quadriplegic who’s enjoying life to the fullest. Today she shares her secrets to living an awe-inspiring life – despite the odds! How are you inspired? What’s your purpose? Maybe it’s bigger than you’ve ever imagined? To help you live your life to the fullest, check out my One Page Miracle so you can tell…

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The Performance Meditation – Your Unfair Advantage

Professional athletes train physically for hours, but they spend almost as much time training mentally. If you’re an athlete, a speaker, or just looking to perform at your highest level possible, in whatever you’re trying to accomplish, then this meditation is for you. Click here for my One Page Miracle. Learn more about Barry Goldstein’s…

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5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Success

Warriors always have a strategy. If you leave your health to chance, especially during the holidays, you are setting yourself up to fail. Christmas is the most anticipated day of the year, but did you know that it is also the one day of the year that hospitals all over the country admit the most…

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – The Gift Of Health

  Is there someone on your shopping list that has everything? Why not give the gift of health these holidays? Streamline your holiday shopping, with ideas for saving both time and money.     Ease stress these holidays. Shop online for the gift of health and get 21% OFF with coupon code TANA21 at checkout.

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My Relationship With Joy

As a kid who grew up in a chaotic environment, joy wasn’t a word I was familiar with. In fact, things got worse as I got older, and in my early 20’s, when I encountered significant health issues, I could tell you A LOT about depression, but nothing about joy. I don’t know what’s happening…

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Are You Getting What You DON’T Want?

    How often have you said any of the statements below? “I CAN’T get sick before my trip!”“I CAN’T oversleep”“I’m NOT going to eat donuts tomorrow”“I’m NOT going to lose my temper with my kids” And how often have you done exactly what you said you weren’t going to do? You’re not alone! And…

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3 Tips To Skyrocket Your Energy

I was recently at a Tony Robbins event, and boy was I once again blown away. Tony provided so many good take-away reminders and lessons. I do a lot to protect my energy, but I forgot about some of the activities I can do to quickly boost my energy right now no matter how up or…

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Is It Possible To Recover From Brain Trauma?

Big wave surfer Mercedes Maidana suffered a severe brain injury while surfing. Her recovery story is compelling and encouraging for anyone who has a concussion or has a loved one suffering. After undergoing her long and difficult journey back to health, Mercedes is now living in Hawaii and running a retreat for women who want…

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