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Confessions from a Recovered Perfectionist


You know the saying, “It takes one to know one”? Well, I would bet that some of you struggle with perfectionism—even though you might not even recognize it. The thing about perfectionism is that it is often well-hidden behind the guise of what we might think of as having very high standards. While I think…

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4 Ways to Experience the Power of Forgiveness

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One of the greatest life lessons I have learned is how to forgive the people who had hurt me. It was an important part of my healing journey and helped me become the fulfilled person I am today. I’ll admit, it wasn’t a quick or linear process, but over the course of several years, I…

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Let 2021 be a Year for Your Own Healing

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“When I first started therapy, I hated myself. My body and my relationships paid the price. My weight dropped to an alarming level as, for the first time, I tackled my eating disorder.              Once I started it was clear to me that I needed more than 10 sessions. So I continued. For the next 6…

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3 Ways to Manage Fearful Thinking: Tips from Experts, Part 2

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During the Relentless Courage Life Event on December 12th, the five experts who joined us provided some great strategies and techniques for managing fearful and negative thoughts. This was particularly helpful for anyone with a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, or grief who may be easily triggered by this crazy time we are in.  As a follow-up…

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3 Ways to Manage Fearful Thinking: Tips from Experts, Part 1

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On Saturday December 12, my husband, Dr. Daniel Amen, and I hosted the online Relentless Courage Live Event. We were joined by five experts who spoke about the adverse impacts the pandemic has had, particularly on people who have a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and other mental health challenges. Each of our guests graciously shared…

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Why You Need to Find Your Voice

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In those weeks before Mom and Dale were married, he’d come home from work, barely acknowledge me, pour himself a drink or three, and watch TV before falling asleep. After they got back from their honeymoon, however, he changed in a hair-raising sort of way… … The first time it happened, Dale grabbed my wrist…

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God Picked The Wrong Person

“Let’s be honest, shall we?” I said. “We’re judging each other.” I raised my hand. “Seriously, how many are judging me?” After an awkward pause, one hand in the third row went up, then another in the back. I simply nodded, more than willing to wait for the truth to touch other hearts. Another hand…

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The One Word That Changed My Life

I was at a self-help seminar my Uncle Bob was teaching, and I shared how down I’d been after going through a battle with cancer and that the Prozac I was taking for depression just made things worse. I still had no drive. No vision. No real excitement about life. Uncle Bob didn’t coddle me.…

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The 3 Things Having Cancer Taught Me About Food

I got some bad news: my thyroid cancer had returned. Initially the plan was to do a third surgery. But I was informed that I wasn’t a good surgical candidate due to the scar tissue that had accumulated in my neck from the first two surgeries. So my thyroid medication was increased to induce hyperthyroidism…

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Join Me For A FREE 2-Hour Virtual Event

Are you struggling these days? Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed? You’re not alone. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high, and the pandemic has left so many of us feeling isolated and lonely. When you also carry the heavy load of mental and emotional trauma from the past, it’s even harder to cope. The…

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