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Ease MANopause With Diet & Exercise


Ladies, I’m not talking about how the man in your life responds to your menopause. This is about the “mid-life change” that occur for men. It’s often referred to as “Andropause”. Male menopause may be a bit controversial medically, and certainly it isn’t the universal, predictable milestone that female menopause is, but truly, some guys…

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Men & The John Wayne Syndrome


June is Men’s Health Month, an annual effort to get guys to focus on their health. Women are way ahead of men on this, which may be why we live longer (an average of 81.3 years compared to 76.2 years for men). It’s time to wake up men: in the battle of the sexes, women…

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How Stress Sabotages Your Health


We’re learning more and more about the surprising reach and power stress has over us. Would you have guessed that food high in fat and sugar (aka junk food) is worse for your health when you’re under stress? A new study from the University of California, San Francisco suggests that two women whose diets are…

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Great News about Exercise


Here is some fantastic news for women: researchers in Europe have found that daily exercise cuts the risk of breast cancer, regardless of a woman’s age or weight. The “age” and “weight” findings are surprising and hugely important. We’ve known for years that exercise can reduce some women’s risk of breast cancer, but earlier studies…

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Is Grass-Fed Beef Worth the Money?

I won’t ruin your day by telling you how your hamburger gets to your plate. But if you have a picture in your mind of cattle grazing serenely in a green and lovely pasture, I can tell you that most of them raised for food in the United States aren’t so lucky. But the burgeoning…

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Why Buy Organic?

Organic foods cost more than conventional ones, and they’re said to be no more nutritious. So why buy organic? In September 2012 the Annals of Internal Medicine published a study that turned out to be quite controversial. After reviewing 17 human studies and 223 studies of nutrient and contaminant levels in unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains,…

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