The 4 Secrets to Being Your Best

The 4 Secrets to Being Your Best

We all know that life is complicated, so it can be helpful to break down all of those moving parts into a few simple components. That’s why I love the 4 Circles of Mental Health—the basic four aspects of life that can create a positive (or negative) influence on a person’s life, from maintaining our […]

3 Steps to Improve Your Quality of Life This Winter


The last few years haven’t been a walk in the park for any of us. As we juggle an ongoing pandemic, supply-chain interruptions, inflation, political unrest, and eco-anxiety, to name a few major concerns of our time, stress feels like the norm, not the exception. On top of all that, we in the Northern Hemisphere […]

7 Worst Foods for Your Memory


If you find yourself struggling to recall a word, forgetting where you placed your keys, or losing your train of thought in a conversation, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 9 adults ages 45 or older report confusion or memory loss, which to some degree is […]