I Drank My Smoothie, But I’m Still Hungry!

I love protein smoothies, and I highly recommend them for a brain healthy start to your day. But some Brain Warriors tell me that they drink a smoothie and then half an hour to an hour later, they feel hungry again. What gives?

It depends.

As always, you need to tailor your meal plan to meet your individual needs. Are you trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain where you’re at? Are you a fast metabolizer or a slow metabolizer?

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds and you feel hungry soon after drinking a smoothie, ask yourself if you’re really hungry, or if you just want something to eat. If this is the case, try munching on some celery and see if that helps. And remember that being dehydrated can make you think you’re hungry when you really just need to take in some liquids, so try drinking a glass of water to see if that makes a difference.

If you’re looking to gain muscle or are a fast metabolizer, you might need to add more calories to your smoothie. A spoonful or two of nut butter or avocado might be enough to do the trick.

In general, be sure you have a good combination of quality protein powder, healthy fats, smart carbs, and enough hydrating fluids. From there, it’s really up to you to personalize your smoothie to your individual needs and taste.

Let me share with you what I do to make the perfect smoothie for my needs.

My Perfect Smoothie

Because of my thyroid issue (I’ve already kicked thyroid cancer to the curb—twice!), my doctors keep my thyroid in hyperactive mode. This means I burn through calories rapidly and tend to get hungry quickly if I don’t eat enough. This is why I have to make sure I’m putting enough into my smoothies.

Here are the basics for my smoothies:

2 cups water: I want to make sure I’m hydrating my brain, so I stick with water rather than almond milk or coconut milk.
Protein powder: I like plant-based protein powders like OMNI Protein.
1-2 tablespoons healthy fats: Since I’m a fast metabolizer, I need the extra calories from good fats, such as avocado, nut butters, or coconut oil.
½-1 cup berries: I always use organic berries.
2+ cups greens: I use a minimum of 2 cups of green vegetables, such as kale or spinach.
Fiber: I add ground flaxseeds or hemp seeds for a fiber boost. Fiber is great for digestion, and it helps keep me feeling full longer.

For free smoothie recipes, visit my website, and try OMNI Protein Vanilla or Chocolate as the base for your smoothies. Enter TANA21 to get 21% off.


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