5 Ways To Sneak More Veggies Into Your Meals

It’s no secret that plant-based foods offer many benefits for your brain and body. I typically recommend that Brain Warriors consume 70 percent plant-based foods with the remaining 30 percent consisting of high-quality protein. Some Warriors-in-training tell me they need a little help making the switch to more plant-based foods in their diet. If you’re looking for ways to get more veggies, try these simple tricks.

1. Add veggies to your smoothies. Your smoothie is the perfect place to “hide” veggies. Adding a handful of spinach or kale gives your smoothie a huge nutritional boost, but you won’t even taste it!

2. Use zucchini or summer squash noodles. Swap out spaghetti or linguini in favor of zucchini or summer squash noodles to add healthy micronutrients to your meal and avoid gluten and white flour. You can find veggie noodles in some grocery stores or on Amazon, or you can purchase a veggie spiralizer (less than $20) and make your own at home. Just add your favorite brain-healthy sauce and toppings for a veggie-dense meal.

3. Try cauliflower rice. In place of typical grains like rice or couscous, opt for cauliflower rice. It’s available in some grocery stores, or you can make it yourself in a food processor. I love to make a Cauliflower Rice Pilaf, which you can find in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook*. I served it at a family gathering once and, amazingly, not one person realized they were eating cauliflower in place of rice!

4. Use leafy greens as wraps. When I make sandwiches, I often skip the bread and tortilla wraps in favor of healthy greens. Choose any kind of lettuce, kale, chard, or cabbage as a replacement for a veggie boost. If you want something closer to the texture of a tortilla, you can find vegan, raw, gluten-free kale or spinach wraps in some stores or online.

5. Pack veggies into your patties. If you’re making turkey burgers, add finely chopped mushrooms and grated carrots and zucchini to the patties. These hidden veggies will make your meal even healthier.

You can find many veggie-friendly recipes on my website. Another way to add more plant-based nutrients is to supplement your diet with the Brain and Body Power Max* system.

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