When you change your brain, you won’t just be changing your life, you’ll also be changing the lives of those you love through your relationships. Human beings are bonding creatures. Most of us are happiest when we are bonded in a mutually loving relationship. But relationships can be challenging even when both people have healthy brains and impulse control. None of us are perfect in our relationships, which is why I say I can use all the help I can get from my brain to keep my loved ones happy and our relationships healthy.

One of the simplest things you do to help your brain function well and optimize focus, mood and energy, is give it focus on great nutrition and keep your blood sugar stable. The brain can be extremely affected by what we eat. In one experiment, researchers measured the blood sugar levels of couples right before bedtime, and gave them a voodoo doll to represent their spouse. Then, when they asked them to express their feelings for their spouse through the doll, they found that couples with low blood sugar had stuck their dolls with more than double the pins of other couples.

I know I’m very affected by low blood sugar. I get very irritable when I don’t eat high quality calories, on a regular schedule. Check this short video out:


To find brain healthy recipes to help keep your blood sugar (and possibly your relationships) stable, check out my new Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook today.